Prospects of Game NFT

From the core of the platform planning, unlike most of the current blockchain ecosystem building logic, Game NFT will unblock resources from top to bottom, focusing on the application layer and protocol layer first and then the underlying public chain. In addition, Game NFT will integrate multi-industry resources, including several large traditional game teams, art creation groups and other ecological strategic partners, and include their works into the platform.

We have a heart for change, and we want to reshape the way stakeholders in the game industry collaborate and distribute their benefits, including gamers, development teams, publishing teams and investors. Game NFT will give game development teams a more reasonable share of the profits, give them more incentive to produce quality games, and use pass incentives to achieve the ultimate dream of gamers around the world: to enjoy profits in a fun experience.

Finally, Game NFT has also developed its own gaming, exchange and wallet system that can support millions of users, and will integrate more global heavyweight pan-entertainment projects in the future.

We will not let any short-term approach limit our vision, and we strive to deliver high quality products in a limited time frame and grow with our users. We will stick to our core values and continue to develop at a steady pace. We will improve our platform, create more interesting digital assets, release new NFT games, build partnerships with other studios, and develop and improve our mobile client solutions.

Be it the Game NFT platform or the Stars token economy, our intention is the same: to always reward players and investors who contribute to any NFT product.

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