Game NFT’s Core Business-02

For gamers, Game NFT can help them to:

① Build a player database

Game NFT will build a complete personal database for players, including digital assets, game management, transaction records, player badge system and other data. Unlike centralized gaming platforms, the rights to use data on Game NFT belong to the individual player, and players can even choose to sell their personal data under encrypted conditions.

② Operate NFT commodity sales and circulation

It is estimated that the global game virtual goods trading business has an annual growth rate of 15%, and Game NFT will use ERC-721 and ERC-1155 to tag digital goods such as props, equipment and characters in games, which can not only be sold freely on Game NFT, but also help players transfer the same type of digital assets between different games. Due to the cross-application ledger feature of blockchain, game assets can be reused and interoperable from game to game. This means that a large number of game props can be put into a digital asset material library for developers to call at any time or make the secondary transformation, which is conducive to lengthening the user life cycle.

In addition to the ability to price the NFTs you have minted in the game, we also support other types of digital assets created by players to enter the NFT market, which not only helps players realize their dreams but also expands the scale of the digital goods market.

③ Play games and eco-mining

The Game NFT platform provides players with rich mining mechanisms, including liquid eco-mining provided by the platform’s management token Stars, and independent mining for each game on the platform. Players can win Stars and other similar rewards through mining, not only for fun, but also for profit.

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